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  • San Francisco Educational Article of the Month - Facts About Skunks

Facts About Skunks

Skunk is a black and white mammal of weasel family. This San Francisco animal is known for the ability to eject foul-smelling liquid from the anal gland as the defensive action when threatened. You will learn more about the appearance, biology, life cycle, habitat, diet and behavior of the California skunk through this content.

Skunk Appearance
Skunks are of various species and all the species varies from each other considerably in body size. The size ranges from 15.6 to37 in long weighing about 1.1 lb. More so, San Francisco skunks have moderated elongated bodies with short well-muscled legs as well as long front claws which it normally uses for digging. Though black and white is the predominantly color for skunks there are some that have grey or brown as well as creamed color. Skunks are always stripped from birth.

Skunk Biology and Life Cycle
California skunks are polygamous in nature and always mate early spring. After mating the female normally excavate the ground to make a den for the babies which normally take place in May. The female normally have gestation period of 66 days before given birth to 4 to 7 kits at a time. When the babies are born, they are always blind, covered with soft layer fur and also deaf, their eyes normally open within 3 weeks of their birth and they are weaned within 2 months but they normally stay with their mother till one year when they are ready to mate.

Skunk Habitat and Behavior
Female San Francisco skunks are always protective of their babies and can be aggressive when they are with their young babies. Skunks are always solitary when not breeding but in colder region they may come together in communal dens to provide each other with warmth. They normally use their claw to dig up their den underground where they normally for extended period of time during the winter season. They can also occupy burrow made by other animals. The male skunks do not contribute in upbringing of their young but only leave the work for the female California skunk to do alone.

Skunk Diet
Skunks are omnivorous San Francisco animal known to eat foods from both plant and animal sources. Also, they normally change their diet with change in the season. They usually eat insects, earthworms, larvae, small rodents, grubs, salamanders, lizards, moles, eggs, birds, snakes, frogs and lots more.

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