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  • San Francisco Educational Article of the Month - How to Kill a House Mouse

How to Kill a House Mouse

The best way to kill a house mouse is to trap it in those classic standard snap traps. These types of traps offer the best results when they are set with their trigger plates flushed and facing the walls. Glue boards have also been found to be effective when they are placed properly. Mice have been caught in the provided glue on such boards. When they are unable to free themselves, the mice eventually die as a result of hypothermia.

Among various options available to kill San Francisco house mice, people prefer snap traps for the purpose of eradication. These traps can be armed with alluring bait such as cheese or peanut butter and they will be right on target to trap the mice. The wooden snap trap is perhaps the most widely used instrument to trap and kill house mice. These traps certainly produce results but only if they are placed at the right spots. Mousetraps are not at all toxic and they are fairly affordable and inexpensive. It is easy to set them up and use. All you need to do is keep children and pets away from these mousetraps. These traps could be ferocious as they can snap the heads off mice and you do not want your children and pets to be anywhere near these mechanisms. One of the major handicaps of mousetraps is that the mice could outsmart these traps if they get the hang of how to avoid them.

With glue boards and glue traps, a California house mouse will get stuck to the board and will be immobilized. These traps, unlike the snap traps keep the mice in one piece and it is not a mess when clearing them. If you think this is more humane, it is not because you still have to watch the California mice die and it takes a very long time. It is torturous besides taking the longest of all killing mechanism available to you.

Zapper traps are perhaps the fastest way to trap and kill a San Francisco house mouse. The electric route is perhaps the cleanest way to dispose these mice. A lashing bolt of electricity makes it faster for the mice to die. If you put a protective plastic covering on it, it would be safer to keep in a house that has pets and small children. You also do not get your hands dirty or have to watch the mice struggle to their death. You will have to heck these zappers on a regular basis in order not to leave dead rats in the San Francisco house for a long period of time. Zapper traps have also become famous for killing mice. They lure the mice into the provided enclosures and then they deliver a lethal kind of electric shock. Zappers are more costly than the lethal snap traps. They operate with the help of batteries.

Apart from the snap traps, glue boards and zappers, rat poison is another method available to San Francisco homeowners to get rid of their California house mice. Rat poison comes in two types of varieties. It is either in pellet form or in blocks. Bromadiolone type of poison is considered to be less dangerous for pets in the house as generally the dogs and cats are vaccinated against it. The best antidote for this type of poison is Vitamin K and pets have plenty of it in their system. Rat poison keeps the dead rat in one piece and it is irresistible as bait. Mice fall into this trap easily as they can get scared of snap traps and glue boards and zappers and may not come near these traps once they get the hang of it. Rat poison is the preferred choice for many people while killing a house mouse when they are prepared to handle the time it will take for the poison to take its toll. Mice would be keeling over anywhere in the house without any warning. Some homeowners prefer rodent baits and poison for killing mice but they are not advisable to snap traps and zapper traps as they can be dangerous and poisonous to other people in the house and also to pets. When they are not placed properly, they can be unintentionally eaten up by smaller children and pets.

Ultrasonic sound gadgets that are pitched at high decibels of 45,000 Hertz offer a frequency that is pitched too high for mice in your house and it will drive them crazy and out of your house sooner than you would have imagined. The pulse will oscillate between a couple of settings and the mice are unable to adapt to the sounds. The only handicap is that it would be uncomfortable for the pets in the house.

Another method of killing a house mouse is by inert gas. Professional San Francisco pest control people have always had their access to inert gas. If a particular California house has got infested by many mice, then this is the way to go about it as a last resort. When the gas dissipates, it will wipe out every mouse in the house. Every tiny hole or crack in the house will be invaded by this inert gas. It is very effective.

Among all the options available for homeowners to eradicate the problem of mice in their house, taking preventive measures and sealing up all entry points and setting up snap traps is the ideal one.

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