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  • San Francisco Educational Article of the Month - Bat Prevention Tips

Bat Prevention Tips

Bats are protected species due to their ability to put insect population under control, assist in flower pollination and even help in seed dispersal. But they can cause serious damage if they get into your fruit garden or inhabit your attic. Their droppings are known to carry lots of infectious bacterial and viral diseases. That is why you are not to allow them take up occupant in your San Francisco property or home.

Prevent Colonizing California Bat through Home Repairs
Bats can easily take up occupants in your home or property when there is space for them to do so. If your home requires repairs and you happen not to do that, you should be ready to welcome all kind of wild animals including San Francisco bats and others. So, you can prevent them from coming around your property or home through home repairs such as sealing up the possible holes through which they can gain access to your attic, covering your chimney cap, and carrying out major and minor home repairs.

Use Exclusion Method to Keep Bats Away
If San Francisco bats have already take up occupants in your attic, or roof the best way to get rid of them is through exclusion method. It is highly effective and also humane. So, you will not need to worry about getting yourself in to trouble when you use exclusion method to prevent bats access into your attic or any other part of your home. Just ensure you check whether or not there are baby California bats in your attic before installing the exclusion device.

Remove the Attractants to Keep Bats Away
There must be something around attracting San Francisco bats before you will see them in your property. You can help yourself by removing the possible thing that is make them to find your home attractive. If there are lots of insects in your garden you can first of all exterminate insects to see whether bats will still come around.

Prevent Bat Through Trapping
This is another method you can use to prevent bats from damaging your property in the house. You can use various types of traps to catch them, but you must know that live cage trap and relocation does not work for California bat as they have the ability of coming back to their habitat from as far as 800 km distance away.

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